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Mathematics 165: Concepts of the Number System
Fall 2002 Assignments and Tests

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(updated 10/21/02)

Next Assignment

8/29/02 Register for class and find the classroom.
9/5/02 HW1 Due.
9/12/02 HW2 Due.
9/19/02 HW3 Due.
9/26/02 HW4 Due.
10/3/02 HW5 Due. Midterm Project Idea due.
10/10/02 HW6 Due. Midterm Project Outline due.
10/17/02 HW7 Due. Midterm Project due.
10/24/02 HW8 Due. Midterm given out.
10/29/02 No class, off for Take Home MIDTERM. You will be on your honor not to consult with anyone once you look at the exam until you finish. The exam will be handed out on October 24th, and it will be due at the start of class October 31st.

It will cover all the work we have done this semester up to, but not including, fractions. You will be allowed to prepare one two-sided sheet of notes in advance, to be handed in with the midterm. Extra credit may be given for particularly well-done notes.


  • In-Out Machines
  • Attribute blocks and differences
  • Martian counting (up and down)
  • Martian addition and subtraction (with and without pictures)
  • Different methods of subtraction (Martian and Earth)
  • Pictures of multiplication and area of rectangles
  • Pictures of long division, and relaxed subtraction
  • Different situations for handling the remainder in division
  • Logic problems and writing explanations
Midterm due.
11/7/02 HW9 Due. Final Project Idea Due.
11/14/02 HW10 Due. Final Project Outline Due.
11/21/02 HW11 Due.
11/26/02 Final Project Due.
11/28/02 Thanksgiving Holiday. No class.
12/5/02 HW12 Due.
FINAL EXAM, 10:45-1:15.

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