Math 700.01: Teaching Workshop for Graduate Students
Fall 2006 Syllabus
Eric Hsu, TH 932, , AOL IM: EricHsuSFSU
Judy Kysh, BH 59,

Meetings . Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:10-3:25, BH 331.
Office Hours. Eric Hsu: Tu 12:20-1:20; Th 1:00-2:00;   Judy Kysh: TBA.
Goals and Background . The goal of this workshop is for graduate student instructors to develop and refine their teaching. Teaching is not only presentation, but it is also course planning, classroom decision making and post-instruction reflection. We will work on these skills in the context of the classes we are teaching. A secondary goal is for us to contribute to an archive of our experiences in the classroom for ourselves and future teachers.

Required Activities
  1. 1.Active participation in class
  2. 2.Conscientious response to class assignments
  3. 3.Regular posts to an online mailing list
  4. 4.One videotaping and reflection on the tape
Assessment . All required activities listed above will be assessed for quality, effort and timeliness and count equally towards your final grade.

Class Assignments . This will include activities to try in your classroom, visiting each other's classes, and weekly readings, as well as the weekly e-mail posts.

Online Mailing List Discussions . We have set up a mailing list where you can post regular reflections on your teaching and on how your class is going. The list is restricted to class members and GTA supervisors.

Online Posting Requirements . Each week, you need to post at least one main post by Thursday, and at least two comments on other's posts by class time, Tuesday.
Videotape . We will arrange for one of your classes to be videotaped. This sounds scary, but keep in mind that your students can see you anyway. We will ask you to share a five-minute segment of your choice from the tape. We will give you a short list of questions to help you reflect on your entire tape.

Religious Holidays . Reasonable accommodations will be made for you to observe religious holidays when such observances require you to be absent from class activities. It is your responsibility to inform the instructor during the first two weeks of class, in writing, about such holidays.

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