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Mathematics 565: Probability and Geometry
Spring 2003 Assignments and Tests

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(updated 3/25/03)

Current Assignment

Midterm Project Information

1/28/03 Find the classroom. Smile.
2/6/03 HW 1 Due. Remember, HW Quiz at start of class.
2/13/03 HW 2 Due.
2/20/03 HW 3 Due.
2/27/03 HW 4 Due.
3/6/03 HW 5 Due. 
3/13/03 HW 6 Due. Midterm Project Idea Due.
3/18/03 Spring Break
3/20/03 Spring Break
3/25/03 Midterm Project Outline Due.
3/27/03 HW 7 Due. 
4/1/03 Midterm Project Day I.
4/3/03 HW 8 Due.Take-Home Midterm Given.
4/8/03 Take-Home Midterm Exam Due. Midterm Project Day II.
4/17/03 HW 9 Due.
4/24/03 HW 10 Due. Final Project Idea Due.
5/1/03 HW 11 Due. Final Project Outline Due.
5/8/03 Advising Day
5/13/03 HW 12 Due. Final Project Due.
5/20/03 FINAL EXAM. 10:45am-1:15pm.

565 Midterm Project Timeline

You are being asked to put together a learning station for our project day, Tuesday, April 1st, 2003 (No fooling!) Your fellow classmates will try out your station without your being there (you'll be trying other things out). They'll be able to spend about 20 minutes on your project. The station should teach your classmates (not elementary students) some math. It should not be a drill. It must allow them to approach an activity creatively and think mathematically.

1. Midterm Project Idea
Your project ideas are due next Thursday, March 13th over e-mail.
You should work in groups of three or four.
Each group submits one e-mail including:
2. Midterm Project Outline
Your project outline is due by e-mail after spring break on Tuesday, March 25th, 2003.
Each group submits one e-mail including:
3. Midterm Project Due
I have arranged for us to spend two days on projects. So, prepare to set up your project on April 1st , unless you get specific permission from me to present your project on April 8th. .

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